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Bob Lancaster Oil Company Inc has been delivering quality fuels and lubricants to southern Iowa since 1957. Our friendly and knowledgeable drivers and office personnel will take your orders and deliver your products quickly and professionally with licensed inspected trucks and equipment. From a case of oil to a transport tanker of fuel, Bob Lancaster Oil Co is ready and willing to service your petroleum needs.

Oil Product Supplier

We Offer:

  • Off-Road @2 Diesel
  • On Road #2 Diesel
  • Three Grades of Gasoline
  • Lubricants
  • Equipment

Call for Delivery Now

At Bob Lancaster Oil Co Inc, we are committed to filling your fuel and lubricant needs. We transact with farms, factories, construction sites, and commercial establishments. We service them all from the big to the small. Call our fuel and lubricant experts at 641-682-8037 now to schedule your next delivery.

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